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Founded by visionary and self-made businessman,
Mr. R.P. Goel, who have had four decade’s business experience, along with his son Mr. Amit Goel, who have had two decade experience in the HVAC industry. Edgetech has come a long way from a turnover of INR 3 crores in 2005 to an estimated INR 200 crores plus by 2020. Edgetech specializes in manufacturing Air Handling Systems, ranging from a complete array of Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units to Advanced Coils, for applications as diverse as:

Comfort air-conditioning for offices, institutions, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, private homes, etc.

Specialized applications for clean rooms, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, R&D labs, software parks, auditoria,libraries, etc.

Fresh air applications

Edgetech’s new, state-of-the-art, green manufacturing plant at Rohad, Haryana, is equipped to meet the challenges of any market requirement. Each product passes through stringent quality & environment-friendliness checks at every stage of production. Armed with ISO 9001: 2008 and 14001: 2004 certification, Edgetech today is positioned to serve discerning clients like architects, consultants and entrepreneurs.
Mission Green   

At the heart of the company’s DNA is the vision that “healthy economic growth and a healthy environment should go hand in hand”. To achieve this goal, Edgetech has committed itself to a unique work philosophy called "e3" -- which stands for Eco-Friendliness, Energy Saving & Expertise -- three vital principles that guide the company’s operations. The philosophy flows down all the way from the top to the shop-floor, to ensure delivery of world class Air Handling Systems.


Edgetech believes that "only innovative, eco-friendly technologies and superior & efficient products can contribute to a healthy global society". Hence, all Edgetech products are an answer to the deteriorating environment, depleting energy resources, increasing noise pollution & growing air-conditioning costs.

Energy Efficiency

The company strives to ensure that its Air Handling Systems, when installed, help reduce energy cost, while also helping companies to cut down carbon dioxide emissions. It explores every possible innovation to improve energy efficiency at all levels in the products manufactured.

Engineering Excellence

Edgetech is driven by the challenge of creating superior, better performing products. To enable the same, they keep excessive focus on technological advancement,innovations, Total Quality Control, operational accuracy, utilizing the best equipment & skills, and a seamless installation of Edgetech products at the site.

Certifications & Awards   

Quality that conforms to the best standards, Environment Management & Quality Management at the core – that’s Edgetech for you!

At Edgetech, Quality Management is an innate attribute that is deeply ingrained in the organizational DNA. Each product passes through stringent quality and environment-friendliness checks at every stage of production.

Armed with ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certification, Edgetech today is the preferred choice of developers, architects, consultants & decision makers.

"EN 1886 " Certification
Edgetech Thermal Break
Air Handling Units are certified
as per “EN 1886”.
“AHRI” Certification
Edgetech Heat Transfer Coils
are now “AHRI” certified.
“CE” Certification
Edgetech Thermal Break
Edgetech complete range of
Air Handling Units is “CE” certified.
Acrex India 2008 Certification Winner of Innovative Products Acrex India 2008
Outstanding work in the Innovation Category - 2014
Outstanding work in the Energy Saving Product Category - 2011
Edgetech Wins Acrex Award of Excellence 2017 for Technology Developed in India & Energy Saving

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