Heat Exchanger Coils

Heat Exchangers/Coils
  • Certified by AHRI*, coils are selected using world class computerized selection program to obtain optimum psychometric efficiency with low air and water pressure drop. Edgetech offers plain or inner grooved copper tubes in ½” , 5/8” and 3/8” diameter -with wall thicknesses, fin spacing, row depth and circuiting combinations as per application requirements.
  • We offer high quality Aluminum coils in plain & hydrophilic-coated options with fin spacing from 8-14 FPI.
  • Edgetech Coils over the years have evolved as world class products, thanks to quality that is the best in the business. Leading edge technology, excellence in engineering, and flexible production formats for complete customer satisfaction -- all make Edgetech Coils the perfect choice for Air Handling Systems.
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