Next Gen Series 1 AHUs

Raised Floor
Air Handling Unit
  • Consumes low fan energy, has very quiet operation.
  • The unit casing is fabricated out of specially designed engineered thermo-acoustic lined double skin50 mm thick panels
  • Complete assembly can be easily slid out of the unit for maintenance
  • Easy to slide out from the front side for maintenance
  • Coil headers, filter access and supply air outlets can be selected in any direction to overcome internal constraints of the room
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Electronically Commutated
series of AHUs with EC Fans
  • Equipped with new generation Electronically Commutated EC fans that incorporate a high  efficiency backward curved impeller with external rotor EC motor & integrated electronics
  • EC (Electronically Commutated) fans save energy and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Quiet and operate at up to 90% efficiency.
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Air Handling Unit
Fan Wall Arrey
  • Advanced Redundancy- No need of a stand by unit.
  • Super quiet and vibration-free smooth operation.
  • Small air handling space requirement footprint.
  • Highly energy efficiency from design minimum to maximum flow.
  • Low cost maintenance and service.
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