Next Gen Series 2 AHUs

Packaged Vertical AHU
  • Compact size: Smallest foot print.
  • No exposed piping and valves package around unit.
  • In built electrical panel with VFD as option.
  • Energy efficient, low noise plug fan.
  • Choice of EC fan on standard motor with AC drive or BLDC drive.
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Fresh Air Treatment Unit
  • Integrated with best available filtration media with unique radial pleat design filter
  • Electronically Commutated (EC) Fans are provided which are super energy efficient
  • Advanced filtration system provide tropical / economy oriented air movement that gives pleasant natural Himalayan Environment to the end user
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Compact Low Height /
Noise Ceiling Suspended AHU
  • Low height units. Low noise level.
  • Direct drive high Energy efficient fans.
  • Choice of EC plug fan /EC DIDW forward curve fans/ DIDW forward curve with AC drive.
  • Choice of thermo acoustic lined casing for advanced low noise units.
  • Factory fitted with pressure sensor for constant air flow.
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Ventilation Systems for
Kitchen and Hot Air Streams
  • Compact size: Smallest foot print.
  • Motor is out of hot air stream, standard motor can be used
  • Energy efficient, low noise plug fan
  • Choice of EC fan or Standard motor with AC drive or BLDC (PM motor)
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