edgetech fan wall arrey

Fan Wall Arrey

Apart from fan arrays available today, a Fan Wall Arrey system is more than off-the-shelf fans and motors arranged in an array. It incorporates Edgetech’s Fan Wall ArreyTechnology - innovated and manufactured specifically for fan array systems — to create an integrated system of state-of-the-art fans, motors, cabinetry, controls, and accessories.


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Features And Benefits

  • Multiple direct driven centrifugal plug fans- are installed across the air stream of the AHU as a fan wall in combination of rows and columns, in contrast to a single fan motor arrangement in traditional AHUs. The AHU can be installed with AC motors with VFD or with EC fans and motors.
  • High Efficiency Fans- designed and manufactured for Fan Wall Arrey System. These direct driven fans closely match specific requirements for wheel diameter to optimize operating efficiency. All sizes are certified for highest possible efficiencies which is better than any fan in its size range, and equal to or better than larger fans used in twin fan and four fan systems.
  • Variable Cube Dimensions- Fan Wall Arrey cubes are not limited to a fixed size, enabling the Arrey to be selected to more closely fit air tunnel dimensions so that the fans produce a uniform piston of air over the entire coil surface for optimal heat transfer and even filter loading.
  • No need of belts, sheaves, and bearings that require routine maintenance and will degrade performance over time. It also eliminates the need for sound attenuators and other ancillary components that create a static pressure penalty within the air handler.

These components have been successfully blended to match new construction and retrofit application requirements, while providing the following benefits:

  • Smooth vibration-free and silent operation ensuring low noise levels and high performance.
  • Small air handling space requirement footprint- A comparatively smaller footprint of multiple fan AHU due to optimal utilisation of fan section reaps added benefit of smaller AHU rooms. A typical multiple fan AHU foot print dimension can be reduced upto 30%.
  • The multiple fan technology provides additional benefits to all stakeholders in the building process:
    • Architects can devote less space to mechanical equipments
    • Owners can have more leasable space to generate revenue.
  • High energy efficiency- This multiple fan motor results in lower power house consumption in comparison to the power consumed by traditional single fan motor based AHU for equivalent airflow at same static pressure.
  • Components in Multiple Fan unit system are typically significantly smaller, light weight and easier to access than the same components of conventional system.
  • The Multiple Fan system also provides upto 100% redundancy and eliminates the need of a stand-by unit.
  • Low cost maintenance and service.
  • Ultra-high efficiency Permanent Magnet (PM)/ EC Fan Motors are an optional fit for the unit.
  • Optional VFD for the unit or inbuilt Electronics Control Panel to maintain Static Efficiency and pressure over the air handler operating ranges.
  • Fan Wall Arrey System Optimisation Control - In addition to providing control selections to optimize the operating performance of Fan wall systems in constant and variable air volume systems, Edgetech offers the most flexible options to meet added requirements such as redundancy, electrical sizing, space constraints and specialized operating parameters for mission critical applications.

Multiple fan systems are ideally suitable for critical applications where AHU fan failure is highly undesirable or for applications which have variable load requirements.


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