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High Wall Fan Coil Unit


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Technical Specification

edgetech high wall fan coil unit
  • Cooling *: 27°C db/19°C wb entering air temperature,7°C entering water and 12°C eaving water temperature.
  • Heating***: 20°C db entering air temperature, 50°C entering water with water flow rate the same as for the cooling test.
  • The High Wall Mounted Fan Coil Units have dynamic performance, 220-240V/lPh/50Hz power supply. Cross flow fan creates quiet and comfortable environment. Wireless remote control with LED display.
  • A The cosmetically attractive cabinet is constructed of durable flame-resistant acrylonitrile-butadiene-gtyrene grill with louvers.
  • Electrical wires are connected to an external box including the electronic board.
  • Coil has a large heat transfer surface utilizing the lategt technology in fin profile. This is combined with security in tube thickness of traditional design.
  • The fan deck assembly is mounted on the anti-vibratory support along with radial fan connected to a 3 speed electric motor having class B insulation with an integrated over load thermal contact for motor protection.
  • Washable synthetic filtering media provided is very easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Built-in 2-way or 4-way motorized valve. Easy maintenance can be carried out as the front panel can be removed for easy access.
  • Wireless remote control with LED display is standard.

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